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Memory Care Worthington, OH

Our specialized Alzheimer’s & dementia care, and well living community is dedicated to caring for persons living with all stages of memory impairment. Our philosophy is that senior living and Alzheimer’s & Dementia care promote overall health and wellness for our residents and our staff. Alzheimer’s & Dementia care is all we do: our sole purpose is to provide Dementia care in a warm, home-like environment.

Adult Day Care

Every aspect of the Kemper House environment has been thoughtfully considered. We want you to be confident that the care we give your loved one is the kind of care you would provide. Incorporating the latest technological advancements, our care model includes integrated cognitive, emotional, physical, and nutritional health programming. Our care team is well-trained and knows how to help our residents live the best lives they can. We hire not just those with the expertise in medical knowledge, but also those with high emotional skill who can relate to our patients and care for them on the highest level possible.

Our Programs Include:

Memory And Music

The power of meaningful melodies on the brain can help bring back lost memories and reduce anxiety. The research and practical applications agree, bringing music that you love with you can have a profound impact on your quality of life.

Blue Willow

Each resident and staff member is given a bracelet allowing us to keep track of where they are in real-time. Geo-fencing enables us to block certain areas that might be more dangerous. Fall detection notifies us when a resident has suddenly collapsed. Our staff bracelets allow the nearest staff member to respond as quickly as possible. No buttons required to call for help, no search parties, no worrying.

Fitness Program

Not just a physical regiment specific to the needs of each resident. We incorporate brain health as well. By stimulating the mind during physical activity, we give you a chance to strengthen your body and your mind.


We offer cognitive assessments to residents and non-residents to help spread awareness about the need to take care of our brains. Everyone should be getting regularly checked for cognitive decline starting in their 40s to help prevent, slow, or treat various forms of dementia that may occur.

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For caring, intentional Alzheimer’s & dementia care or adult daycare, contact Kemper House Worthington. Please fill out our form or call (704) 413-1344 for more information. We look forward to getting to know you and serving you and your family.

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